Hans Vrijenhoef

Battolyser BV

Hans Vrijenhoef has been working since 1982 in the field of ammonia production and storage as well as in related products such as nitric acid, urea. He is co-founder of MICRO Chemie BV, an independent Dutch Ammonia Storage company, operating in the Port of Rotterdam, which has been sold lately to OCI. 

Hans Vrijenhoef studied chemical engineering at the Technical University of Delft and started his career at Esso Chemie BV and later at Kemira Agro in The Netherlands and had various jobs in engineering and management.

After closure of the ammonia plant operations, Vrijenhoef started his own development company under the name Proton Ventures BV, which realized various projects in last years, such as the MICRO Chemie terminal in Rotterdam, the AS BCT terminal in Estonia (ammonia and UAN), the utility operations at Midden-Europoort and at Kemira Polymers in the Botlek.

Presently Vrijenhoef is involved in the production and storage of stranded gas and power in the form of hydrogen and ammonia, to be converted to power at the required moments. This storage of energy is done under the name NFUEL. Since 2018 Hans Vrijenhoef is as well Director of Battolyser BV, developing the Battolyser technology in close collaboration with Technical University of Delft.