Ivan Østvik

Project Manager

Ivan Østvik has a B.Eng. degree (1995) in Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering and a PhD degree (2000) in risk-based ship design, both from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

He has worked with ship design, risk management, safety assessment and R&D projects at LMG Marin (1995-2006) with projects for defense, offshore and shipping sectors. At LMG Marin he also developed, got funded and coordinated EU FP6 and FP7 R&D projects.

He was a key member of the team designing the LNG-driven ferries trafficking Halhjem-Sandvikvåg from 2006-2019, which was the first project where he utilized the risk-based design approach (IMO Circ 1455) in order to demonstrate that the technical and operational solutions were as safe as onboard conventional diesel-driven ferries.

In 2006, he started at Grieg Logistics working with logistics analysis, load-outs, heavy transport and risk management related to the maritime and offshore industry. He was amongst the team starting up NorWind in 2007 as Business Development Manager, and they pioneered the development and installation of jacket foundations in the offshore wind industry. He was a key member of the team installing the Alpha Ventus jackets in the German sector in 2009 and tidal turbine foundations at the Orkneys in 2011.

From 2015-2017 he contributed to the development of environmentally friendly maritime activities in Norway through his position as Business Development Manager in NCE Maritime Cleantech with focus on zero-emission concepts such as the Urban Water Shuttle securing national and Horizon 2020 R&D funding for this concept.

He has also had an Associate Professor II position at University of Bergen in maritime energy at the Geophysical Institute from 2016-2018. 

From 2017 he has, in co-operation with LMG Marin, developed the hydrogen-driven Hjelmeland car ferry as project manager for Norled and winning the tender towards the Norwegian Road Administration in 2018. This ferry design has also utilized the IMO Circ 1455 method for risk-based design in order to achieve Approval in Principle from DNVGL and NMA. Currently, he is project manager for the building and commissioning of these ferries, which will be in operation on the route in 2021, which will be the first ships in the world running on liquid hydrogen. He is also involved with the development of hydrogen-driven high-speed passenger ferries for Norled, which are planned to be in operation in 2023-2024.