Sjaak Klap

Principal Environmental Advisor
SGMF - Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel

Sjaak Klap is a Principal Environmental Advisor at the Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF). The Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel is a non-government organisation founded in 2013 with the key aim of promoting safety and industry best practice for gas as an alternative, cleaner and sustainable shipping fuel for now and the future.

Sjaak started his career in the shipping industry. He thereafter transferred to other industrial sectors, including shipbuilding and stainless-steel industries before returning to the shipping industry as Vice President Business Development for Spliethoff, an Amsterdam-based shipping company. His responsibilities included all aspects of LNG as marine fuel, which resulted in orders for 7 LNG-fuelled short-sea vessels by 2 Spliethoff Group subsidiaries in August 2019. He retired from Spliethoff recently and took up his present position at SGMF.

Sjaak studied marine engineering, business administration and logistics.